Critical Theory: Capitol Broadcasting Company

Capitol Broadcasting Company is a mid-sized privately held media company which distributes content through the Carolina’s with traditional media. The company’s overwhelming unwritten motto is “we’re all family here”, meaning they want everyone to feel welcomed as a member of the Capitol Broadcasting Company family. There are perks to being apart of the CBC family, some of the most recognizable ones are industry leading benefits package (including free health insurance for the employee), profit sharing and reimbursement programs, and (most importantly) internal promotions.

In contrary to this there is a manufactured consent among employees about how we should conduct business. All properties are smoke-free, to receive our health benefits we must agree to a health screening, and to be apart of the profit sharing program we must work for the company for at least three years. If an employee would like to receive these perks associated with working for CBC then they must adhere to these policies (Eisenberg, 145).

These ideologies serve as the basis of the theory behind how Capitol Broadcasting Company is ran as an organization, and they serve as motivational factors to tenure employees. There is a specific employee that Capitol Broadcasting Company is looking for  and if you are willing to agree to their belief systems then there is a good chance that you will thrive in their work environment (Eisenberg, 141).

The belief among workers at Capitol broadcasting Company is that the wealth of the company is not funneled to a few elite owners, yet shared among the employees. A relation to Deetz Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization discussion about the family structure shifting away from the home and into the office space. In the instance of Capitol Broadcasting Company we are compensated well, yet not well enough to change our basic relations to the work experience (Deetz, 24).

Our pay scale is labeled A-D, ‘A’ being the elite and ‘D’ being part time employees, within this grade there are additional measures (i.e. C3 is a full time employee C1 is a mid level manager). In the compensation structure at CBC it is widely believed that a two parent working model is necessary to live at the standard CBC wants it’s employees to portray unless the employee reaches ‘upper management’  (level B3 or above) these would be decision makers for the entire organization.

The hegemony that Capitol Broadcasting Company has is a powerful form of control. Within the company the organizational hierarchy is noticeable. In limited instances do employees interact with people outside of their hierarchal level, we obey the rules that the ruling elite place upon us. Why is this?

At Capitol Broadcasting Company we believe that we do work in one of the best environments for personal and professional growth we have security comparable to Union workers and better benefits than competing companies. We are annually ranked as one of the best places to work for in North Carolina, and we are a top 50 employer to raise a family. This believe is implemented in our own ideology by the financial incentives that we are given as employees of Capitol Broadcasting Company (Deetz, 33).

As an employee of Capitol Broadcasting Company I can attest that there is little resistance to these ideologies that are implemented in the work place. The overall belief is that they are an overall good for the company and the employer. The health screening process for example is used more as a tool for the employee to know how they are doing health wise. You are not penalized if you do not meet their criteria as a “healthy employee”. The same goes for the smoke free policy, as an employer it is their right to prohibit smoking on company property yet Capitol Broadcasting Company won’t fire an employee if they are a smoker or on their break step off the property to have a cigarette.

Capitol Broadcasting Company is trying to portray a feeling of family and home within their company. Within the American business landscape this is becoming less of a norm and more of an exception. The belief is that allowing employees of companies such as Capitol Broadcasting Company to feel like family and offering incentives to conform to their model is both good for the employee and employer. One could wonder if there is a better approach to allow an individualistic identity within the business model?



Deetz., Corporate colonization of the life world. (Incomplete reference)

Eisenberg, E. & Goodall., Jr., H. (2010) Organization communications, balancing creativity and constraint. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.



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